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What is at the end?

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I Am a Vet and ended up in the hospital for a while. I am now disabled and at home, so I started playing Diablo III again, (Oh and by the way, I started playing Diablo when Diablo 1 first came out), I still have “Diablo 1”.

What I have come to find out though in D3, every level that I have made it through, (I am in Torment level 2 now), I am playing the same game over and over. I am looking at all the different levels to finish the game and I have to play the same game a total of 17 times to finish it!!! Is there something at the end of the game that is going to want me to do this that many times?

Please reply ---Jerry.morehouse@yahoo.com
asked Nov 15, 2018 in Quests by anonymous

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