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When the auction house is gone, what is the gold good for?

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When the auction house is gone, of what use is the gold we pick up?  I mean, is there going to be a place to spend it?  Is it only good for Gem upgrading and gear creation?  Will the gold we have when we get into the upgraded game still be good?  Will it still cost 20,000,000 in gold to create a Marquis Gem etc?  Considering how long it takes to get 20,000,000 in gold, Marquis Gems won't be coming around too often.
asked Sep 20, 2013 in Misc by anonymous

1 Answer

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Everything is more cheap now, after the new patch. 

Which means, that there are plenty to be using your gold on.. :) 

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answered Mar 10, 2014 by anonymous