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Diablo III - Questions & Answers - Recent questions and answers in Items Powered by Question2Answer I opened 5 loot boxes at once, why did I get a royal ring in each one? Just a bit of info, i had saved some loot boxes for bounties and decided to open them all at once. As i looked in the sea of stuff 5 legendary rings were there. I identified each one and all were the same ring (The Royal Ring of Grandeur). Items Mon, 18 May 2015 20:00:27 +0000 PS3 version- do you get more powerful legendary items the higher the master level? In reference to legendary items, do they get more powerful as you go up in master level (Inferno, of course)? Example- more powerful legendary swords in master v than master 3? Items Fri, 14 Mar 2014 01:09:51 +0000 where can i find more pages for blacksmith training? Items Sun, 15 Sep 2013 14:25:23 +0000 UPGRADE GEMS iN dIABLO ii YOU COULD UPGRADE GEMS WITH THE HORADRIC CUBE. How do you upgrade gems in D3? Items Tue, 30 Jul 2013 02:40:12 +0000 who can identify an item besides caine Items Sun, 30 Jun 2013 13:43:19 +0000 The CotP is not going to naked zerg? <p> This is idle curiosity from an outsider who has never played darkfall - what's wrong with "<a href="" rel="nofollow"><strong>Darkfall Gold</strong></a>"?<br> <br> Again, idle curiosity: I've never played the game, so I'm just curious.</p> Items Tue, 26 Feb 2013 08:38:30 +0000 About forging a 62 level shoes. Hello.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;I was wondering if forging a 62 level shoes can have such options.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1. Dex 280<br /> <br /> &nbsp;2. Vit 180<br /> <br /> &nbsp;3. All Registance 79 or more (80)<br /> <br /> &nbsp;4. Fire Registance 40 or more<br /> <br /> &nbsp;5. Speed + 12%<br /> <br /> &nbsp;6. radius + 7<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> I would very much like to know the possibility.<br /> <br /> Thank you very much. Items Mon, 25 Feb 2013 20:43:46 +0000 Aussie's player need to pay in Euros? <p> Whats the go with this BS... since when did they change our payment to Euro's.. original <a rel="nofollow" href=""><strong>Darkfall Gold</strong></a> we paid in USD... we all play the NA server! The US is closer to europe then we are</p> Items Fri, 22 Feb 2013 08:29:41 +0000 Where to get the cheap d3 gold safely? <p> Do you know there is many gamers who want to buy the cheapest d3 gold,and then they can palying this diablo 3 game online,if you know the answer,please contact us by <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> site!</p> Items Thu, 21 Feb 2013 02:49:15 +0000 Is it populationg for DFUW? <p> Do you think the population will actually be like a true <a rel="nofollow" href=""><strong>Darkfall Gold</strong></a> with the new version? I mean, at least 1,000 people online at any given time?</p> Items Sun, 17 Feb 2013 09:28:23 +0000 Will Darkfall Gold appear on steam with all the release? <p> As the titles states, will I be able to purchase <strong><a rel="nofollow" href="">Darkfall Gold</a></strong> on steam when it comes out tommorow, or will I have to wait for that feature? It's greenlighted on steam last timed I checked and I don't keep up much anymore with the news like I used to when the game had it's vaporware status.</p> Items Mon, 04 Feb 2013 09:20:11 +0000 How can i change Darkfall class? <p> hey pls help. how can i change my class? i choosed skirmisher but think mage with <a rel="nofollow" href=""><strong>darkfall gold</strong></a> is better.</p> Items Tue, 29 Jan 2013 11:00:49 +0000 I wonder if races may have DFUWl Gold now? <p> Like before orcs could hit hard with a axe human swords alfar polearms and <strong><a rel="nofollow" href="">DFUW Gold</a></strong> will that apply to unholy wars?</p> Items Tue, 22 Jan 2013 10:14:38 +0000 Download Darkfall from EU1? <p> I'm registered as US player....<a rel="nofollow" href="">Darkfall gets to be quite fun</a><br> When I go to download from account it direct me to<br> No wander I can't download it. its 3rd try<br> Two previous stop at 7mb<br> WTF?</p> Items Mon, 14 Jan 2013 10:06:28 +0000 What losed in Darkfall? <p> I understand its running in debug mode and not everything is either implimented or activated, but... what kind of features or skills have been removed from the game?<br> From what i have read and watched, i think there will be less cities in the game, perhaps only because now they are more strategically placed or atleast, more thought was put into the entire world building and i assume dungeon building, i dont see a lot of filler building and furniture, it looks like minimal "clutter" and that in my opinion is a good thing and will surely help the game run smoother.<br> <br> regarding skills and spells, in df1 these magic groups were seemingly randomly placed spells, to an extent...much was logical but cmon, telekensis so should have been a wind spell, just as an example, and i will be amazed if these spell groups now make sense...<br> <br> spell group shuffling aside, what epic shit has df lost? or what kind of trade offs..<br> <br> sorry for my terrible grammar and punctuation i have much to do</p> <p> Souce:<a rel="nofollow" href="">The overall game itself plays a lot like Darkfall</a></p> Items Thu, 10 Jan 2013 10:25:46 +0000 Maybe there is a wipe in Darkfall? <p> Any comments, analysis, or speculation welcomed.</p> <p> If you are still subbed, in spite of wipe rumours, what are your reasons?</p> <p> Any guess about <strong><a rel="nofollow" href="">Darkfall Gold Farming</a></strong> on a timeframe?</p> Items Tue, 08 Jan 2013 05:08:22 +0000 Why i cannot find my account? <p> I preordered yesterday and it linked to my previous account flawlessly. I got my key and smiled. This morning I got an email and checked it on my phone. It asked me to validate my accounts by clicking on the link, it brought me to the web page but didn't say like , grats or <a rel="nofollow" href="">Darkfall Gold Farming</a>. So I logged in fine. Now when I go back to the email and try to use te link it says account not found..... So my question is did I fuck up some where or did I do it correctly and adventurine just has a shotty confirmation system?</p> Items Sat, 05 Jan 2013 10:51:28 +0000 So how exactly does it know i have to many darkfall trial accounts?? <p> I really wanted to log on and check it out but i can't <a href="" rel="nofollow"><strong>buy Darkfall Gold</strong></a> and have another trial i guess.&nbsp; How does it know?&nbsp; I used a new email account too..</p> Items Thu, 27 Dec 2012 07:23:17 +0000 all beards with no mustache? <p> i was remaking my guardian and decided to make a norn, first made a female norn but while i was playing i did some voices.<br> obviously it's all in low pitch but then it hit me, i wanted to <a rel="nofollow" href=""><strong>buy Guild Wars 2 Gold</strong></a> and make a guy like this:<br> <img alt="" src="" style="border: 0px;"><br> now i can understand that i can't perfectly make something like this but i would at least expect a simple mustache, we have all kinds of beards and a Metallica mustache but that's it.<br> <br> we seriously need a mustache that looks like one, not everyone wants to look like gandalf or a big size dwarf.</p> Items Tue, 25 Dec 2012 06:47:07 +0000 Experiencing the game so far? <p> So, for many of us, the overall game may be out for several days now. Would be the game fun available for you? Does one love anymore or any below you thought you would possibly? Is it different enough from other MMO's that you'd rather play that one versus any others?<br> <br> I'm really experiencing the game right this moment. I'm not sure about while i hit <a rel="nofollow" href=""><strong>Guild Wars 2 Gold</strong></a>, though. I'm going to see how the dungeons are. Haven't been in a yet despite being level 36. The leveling and caught is fun enough i always haven't felt like I want to to.<br> <br> I am like I'm enjoying it just more than I believed I might. I didn't expect myself to become losing sleep over it, but I'm getting about six hours of sleep a single night versus 8 or 9 on normal days. I don't know if I'll play it so long as I played WoW for, but I only played WoW for way too long on account of friends in my guild. I should definitely be looking around for some to join.<br> <br> Adding the jumping puzzles and the power to "jump in and out" of quests really helps to make the "just seen" form of leveling work. I am keen on wondering around and giving little shown to the storyline with the area. It's an MMO, so That's not me expecting all of the little stories to grip me, as well as the game isn't trying to force that on me. I favor it, a lot, actually.<br> <br> So, overall, I'm really digging this game. I'll probably post again inside a week increase my estimation while i have a very bit more play time.</p> Items Fri, 21 Dec 2012 10:38:32 +0000 Is a Skorn better than a echoing fury Items Sun, 02 Dec 2012 05:53:04 +0000 What is better for act 2 inferno: 1200 dps weapon or 850 dps + 300 life per hit weapon? So I am focusing the equipment for my barb on high resistances and I got them all around 600. That is not enough, though, and health regen at 200 ps isnt a great help against elites after act 2. My dps with the 850 plus 300life per hit weapon goes to 15k without buffs, but I really depend on them: war cry battle rage frenzy and cleave all raise damage and resistances to nice levels (I get to around 30k damage). with wrath of the berserker active things get easier, but the cooldown is long. So, I found a weapon that has +1200dps. Should I change it? I am asking this because I havn't had the time to test them both in action (the one with 300 life per hit is kinda new too, or at least the gem that gives that bonus is). Any insights from the pros? Items Tue, 27 Nov 2012 15:40:39 +0000 more mf mean more lvl items? hello i can see there is this leoric signet which is lvl 14 ring legendarys<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> i just want to know , if i get example 300mf will it then be lower chance to get it? but more chance to get higher legendary items?<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> if so i should just have 0mf? cuz i really want to find leorics signet<br /> <br /> regards<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Deniz Items Wed, 03 Oct 2012 16:13:45 +0000 how do i sell items in single player? Items Sun, 23 Sep 2012 06:02:08 +0000 Answered: Whats sells on Auction House AH? <p> I would recommend reading this guys thoughts about AH and what to sell there:</p> <p> <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a></p> Items Thu, 21 Jun 2012 18:47:53 +0000 Answered: How do I make fake items in chat? <p> If you&nbsp;copy/paste this into chat you will make a "fake" item</p> <p> &nbsp;|HItem:2,1661414574:76943223:-970660881,-970660881,-970660881,-970660881,-970660881,-970660881,-970660881,-970660881,-970660881,-970660881,-970660881,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133,810509133:-1:0:-1:-1:-1:9:431:545:0:0:4:0:|h[{c:ffff0000}Cuddlebear's Axe of Cute Death{/c}]|h</p> <p> found on <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a></p> Items Thu, 07 Jun 2012 14:06:37 +0000 Does + % magic drop matter in normal/nightmare? Is it worth to focus on + % magic drop items on the first walkthroughs on normal / noghtmare ? Or should I rather focus on actual dmg stats and get through faster? Items Tue, 05 Jun 2012 10:31:13 +0000 What is the best weapon for a lvl 20 monk? I seek suggestions for some of the best items for a level 20 Monk? I would like to dual wield Items Mon, 04 Jun 2012 14:24:01 +0000